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Race Officials Committee members are available to conduct workshops for club and class members on any aspects of the Racing Rules of Sailing, including Rule interpretation, Protest procedures and Race Management. Training Courses are also available for persons wishing to gain skills and formal accreditation as a Race Officer, Umpire, Judge or Measurer under the YA National Officiating Program. Please contact the Race Officials Chairman or Yachting SA office for further details.


Sailing Clubs should form a Protest Committee using experienced sailors from their Club or a neighbouring Club to hear protests lodged from club and class events conducted at the Club. If required, a member of the Race Officials Committee may be requested as the Chairperson or as an additional member of your Protest Committee. This option provides your Club with a practical method of training Club personnel in protest procedures and interpretation of the Racing Rules of Sailing. Refer to RRS Part 5 for information about protests and hearings.



A competitor, who is a party to a protest hearing, may appeal an interpretation of a Rule by a Protest Committee.  Appeals must be lodged with Yachting SA office in accordance with ISAF RRS 2013-2016, Appendix R2. When lodging an appeal, include copies of all relevant documents together with a filing fee of $110.00 inc GST (Cheque payable to Yachting South Australia).

Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 can be purchased from:

Yachting Australia's on line shop, marine shops, or Yachting SA office

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